Waka Flocka Addresses ‘Wack’ Rapper Comments


Waka Flocka is expanding his reality TV empire.

After starring on “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” and “Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition,” the Brick Squad rapper and his wife Tammy Rivera are inviting cameras along as they navigate the challenges of married life in their new series “Waka & Tammy: What The Flocka,” which premieres Thursday night on WE tv.

Speaking with Rap-Up, the hip-hop sweethearts opened up about the six-episode series, which finds them juggling their busy careers and parenting their teenage daughter Charlie. But through it all, they remain true to themselves. “You can expect for us to be who we are,” Tammy told Rap-Up. “It’s definitely gonna be funny at our expense.”

Waka and Tammy, who were married in 2014, revealed the secrets to a happy marriage. “You gotta find time,” said Waka. “You gotta know when work is becoming too much, when you actually putting work first. You gotta learn how to not put anything first and just give it that balance.”

In between arguing about the roles in their relationship (and Waka’s cooking), Waka also addressed the controversial comments he recently made in an interview with “Everyday Struggle” about being a “wack” rapper, which sparked a debate on social media. Despite his earlier sentiments, Waka said he doesn’t believe he’s wack…unless he’s being compared to his idols like Nas and KRS-One.

“It was more reverse psychology,” he explained. “Let me say I’m wack just so y’all can actually hear people say, ‘No, this guy’s actually one of the GOATs.’ I’m not trying to say I’m the GOAT. I’m actually sitting next to them by default.”

When Tammy asked him to clarify, he responded, “I’m a wack rapper compared to the people I look up to,” adding, “Let’s be real. If me, Nas, and KRS-One get on the track, who’s gonna have the wackest verse? I’m a realest. I’m real with myself, but if they get on an 808 beat, I’m gonna annihilate them. That’s when a wack rapper wins.”

However, he said you can’t compare him to rappers from different eras. “Can’t nobody rap better than me in my world,” he said. “You can’t compare a guy like me to like Uzi Vert, NBA YoungBoy, Thugs, 21s. It’s like comparing LeBron with Jordan. It’s impossible. You can’t compare Kobe with Jordan. They happened already. It’s like Gary Payton and Kyrie Irving. You can’t. It’s different eras. I kinged my era already.”