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HAYZ’s “One Time Lover”’: A Journey of Love and Regret in LA

In the bustling heart of the music world, Hayz, a multi-talented artist from Northern BC, brings to life his new single, “One Time Lover.” This track is a blend of raw emotion and catchy rhythms, encapsulating the

Power Elevates the Art of Music and Video with “So Fine”

In Los Angeles, a city pulsating with the rhythms of diverse cultures and music, emerges Power, an inspirational rapper whose mission transcends the realm of entertainment. With his latest release, “So Fine,” Power brings a unique blend

Inner Visions, Outer Rhythms: YBZ Vandr’s “Circles In My Head” Spirals Through Life’s Echoes

Chicago-born artist, YBZ Vandr, known for his dynamic and introspective style, drops his newest single “Circles In My Head.” The track captures his fierce drive wrapped in a refined edge, resonating with fans across the board. It

exxy! Breaks Down His Debut Mixtape PARADOXX And Hints At Future Collaborations

exxy! ’s debut mixtape, PARADOXXX, marks a significant milestone in his career and serves as the foundation for his evolving sound and style, providing him with a substantial starting point for future development. In our interview, he

An Exclusive Interview With Power On Love & Hate And Cosmic Creativity 

We were delighted to have the opportunity to interview Power, a rapidly emerging rapper, regarding his latest EP; Love & Hate. During the conversation, this up-and-coming hip-hop sensation delved into his unique method of conveying the complex

BIA Kicks Off D’USSÉ Day Party Celebrating Women in Hip Hop

To honor the 50th Anniversary of Hip Hop, D’USSÉ Cognac has specially curated this year’s series of Day Party celebrations to commemorate today’s leading women in Hip Hop. Rotating across four different locations across the country, each

Occ Taee’s ‘Just Listen’ Mixtape: A Game-Changer for Midwest Hip-Hop

Hip-hop has always been a genre that’s deeply connected to the streets, and Occ Taee is no exception. Growing up in Indianapolis, he’s seen the ups and downs of life in the inner city, and he’s channeling

Donald Glover Reveals ‘This Is America’ Was Initially Meant to Be a Drake Diss Track

Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino, recently revealed in a GQ cover story interview that his hit song “This Is America” was originally conceived as a joke Drake diss track. Glover shared that the idea for the song

Drake Teases New Song Featuring Sample of Kim Kardashian’s Voice

Drake has fans eagerly anticipating his next project after a snippet of an unreleased track was previewed on the newest episode of OVO Sound’s The Fry Yiy Show. The untitled track features a sample of Kim Kardashian’s

6ix9ine Tells Tory Lanez He Will Snitch on Him

6ix9ine can’t stay off social media. After returning to Instagram earlier this month, Tekashi made a surprise appearance during Tory Lanez’ Quarantine Radio on Instagram Live on Monday, where he made yet another reference to his snitching