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Inner Visions, Outer Rhythms: YBZ Vandr’s “Circles In My Head” Spirals Through Life’s Echoes


Chicago-born artist, YBZ Vandr, known for his dynamic and introspective style, drops his newest single “Circles In My Head.” The track captures his fierce drive wrapped in a refined edge, resonating with fans across the board. It describes the essence of navigating through life’s uncertainties, encouraging listeners to have faith in the natural course of their destiny. Influenced by icons like Juice WRLD and Iann Dior, he promises to connect with people seeking comfort in the rich textures of contemporary music.

The release taps into a reservoir of solitary reflection. The pre-chorus “Seen too much that I can’t even comprehend” conveys overwhelming experiences that defy understanding, suggesting a world-weariness that spirals into a mental loop, as expressed in “I’ve been doing circles in my head.” This theme of circular thought without resolution carries a heavy emotional weight, portraying YBZ Vandr‘s sense of solitude and the internal struggle about the external world’s inability to intrude upon and warm that personal darkness.

ybz vandr

YBZ Vandr faces his inner demons in the chorus: “And now I’m on my way out, driving towards the flame/ I don’t know my age, I’m a ghost for the day/ Stand out on a lake waiting for the waves/ One wave that I’ll take to get out of this place/ And I put some of the blame on my own end/ I’m way too dependent on my loneliness to feel like life’s pretend/ And I’ve been giving in to pressure it’s a mess/ I’m giving the deepest dedication ‘cause I can’t settle for less.”

His words depict a fight to move beyond the past and the shadows that linger, capturing the essence of looking for a sign, a path of one’s own making amidst the pressures and expectations of life. The recurring image of being a “ghost for the day” and waiting “on a lake waiting for the waves” reflects a sense of suspension, of being on the brink of change but not quite there yet. 

Notable tracks such as “On The Run,” “Gone Forever,” and “One Step Away” mark the highlights of his discography, and now, “Circles In My Head” adds to his collection as an introspective piece that mirrors his personal journey, experiences, and his perception of the world. YBZ Vandr’s music is authentic and sincere, striving to forge a profound emotional connection with his audience through the art of metaphorical storytelling.

Listen to “Circles In My Head” here: