[WATCH] Charleston White Threatens To Get Police To Shut Down Trapboy Freddy’s Alleged Drug Spots


As previously reported, Trapboy Freddy’s Dallas home was raided by the alphabet boys last month and the Feds even scored a baby tiger in their pillage. Now, controversial Black culture anomaly Charleston White has basically assumed responsibility for the raids on the rapper and is taunting that if there is any response, that he’ll make it happen again.

“I’ll find out every godd*mn dope spot you got, n*gga, and shut that b*tch down,” said White. “You better shut your b*tch a*s up little boy! [I’ll] put the police on every last one of you godd*amn n*ggas. You better shut your b*tch a*s up Trapboy Freddy! Your weed houses are going to get shut down, n*gga! I’m don’t give a damn about no shooters! Shooters get arrested too, n*gga! I put shooters in jail!”