WATCH: Chief Keef Drops “Runner” Music Video from ‘Almighty So 2’


Chief Keef has just unveiled the music video for “Runner,” a standout track from his latest album, Almighty So 2. The song expertly samples Nancy Wilson’s 1974 single “Streetrunner,” adding Keef’s signature kinetic drums and percolating pianos.

In “Runner,” Keef engages in witty and aggressive dialogue with the sampled vocals, reflecting on his upbringing in Chicago and his experiences on the streets. The video features Keef rhyming from a confession booth, with his longtime manager Peeda Pan playing the priest, before taking viewers in his Rolls Royce.

The soul-sampling track captures Keef’s state of mind, offering a glimpse into his early years and his challenges. With “Runner,” Keef continues to showcase his unique blend of storytelling and musical innovation.


The music video for “Runner” adds visual depth to the song’s narrative, providing fans with a cinematic experience that complements Keef’s raw lyricism and production style.