[WATCH] Method Man Says He Stole Nas’ Flow on “The What” With Biggie


Wu Tang Clan member and actor Method man opened up on Math Hoffa’s podcast My Expert Opinion about his appearance on “The What” from Notorious B.I.G.’s debut album Ready To Die.

Meth explains that when he entered the studio to record the song in 1994, “By the time I got [to the studio], Biggie’s verse was written and he told me that he wanted to end it with, ‘You can’t mess with M-E’ and I was supposed to go, ‘T-H-O-D.’ But I overlapped him because it didn’t fall on beat doing it that way. That’s where the ‘T-H-O-D Man, here I am/I’ll be damned if this ain’t some sh*t.’”

Meth added, “I wrote that shit quick as f**k. Who was I biting there? Whose flow was I [biting]? Nas. That’s biting Nas’ flow. ‘I’ll be damned if this ain’t some sh*t/Come to spread the butter lyrics over hominy grits… Coming where you rest at, surrender/Step inside the ring, you’s the number one contender/Looking cold-booty like your p***y in December.’” 

See the interview below.