[WATCH] Monica Pauses Show to Stop Argument Between Front Row Fans


You will NOT disrupt Monica’s show. Monica noticed a group of fans arguing while she performed and she politely stopped the show to get them straight.

“Hold on one minute, what’s the problem right here?” Monica said to someone in the first row. “Not in this motherfucker tonight! No, no! Not in here. Nope, nope, we ain’t killin’ no vibes in here.”

The woman stated there were no issues at first, but Monica pressed the issue and found out it was an issue of first-row positioning. Monica would hop in The Neighborhood Talk‘s comments to provide a bit of context as well: “OMGGGGG they were fussing like they were about to fight ! I just wanted people to enjoy the show ? it’s all love tho?”

You can see the moment below.