[WATCH] Unknown Person Defaces Kanye’s Mural In Chicago


While companies have been cutting their ties with Kanye West following his perceived anti-Semitic comments, his fans have been disassociating themselves from the music/fashion mogul in their own way.

In a video posted on Twitter yesterday(October 31), an unknown person is seen painting over West’s mural with black paint in his hometown. The vandal perfectly painted Kanye’s silhouette black to cover up any signs of West’s image or likeness. The witness/ Twitter user who posted the video, said, “Very crazy I’m witnessing this right now.. they’re painting over the Kanye mural in Chicago.”

Several companies, including Balenciaga, Foot Locker, Adidas and Gap have terminated their contracts and removed his merchandise from their website. With all of these business relationships terminated, West also lost his status as a billionaire.