West Coast Legend DJ Quik Returns With New Single “Class”


Hip-Hop icon, DJ Quik returns with a brand-new single entitled “Class.” It notably paves the way for his anxiously awaited 10th full-length LP—due out under a newly minted partnership between his own Mad Science Recordings and Compound Interest.

The track evokes classic West Coast spirit with its soulful harmonies, jazz-y guitar, and laidback beat. At the same time, Quik’s flows remain as smooth and slick as ever as he urges, “Bounce it, drop it, roll it round,” and promises, “Still make bangers, but I don’t bang. Sometimes rhyme, then I sing.” With airtight rhymes and head-nodding hooks, Quik is in a “class” all his own.

Stay tuned for the premiere of a cinematic music video to accompany the track.

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