What Is Nas Saying?


AGAIN! Nas is at the top of the Goat pile right now! He’s on a run like NEVER before. This run is unprecedented! Unheard of, for ANY emcee! I love that Nas is doing it this way. I do not know what he is doing it for, but he’s doing it! I have some suspicions, but forget what I think. Let us try to figure out what the man has given us.

Actually, before I do that, let me remind you of what we stated earlier this week. I offered a rumor that Nas had new music on the way. This was exclusive and, although other media tried to take credit on social media, it started right here with illseed. ME. NOW, with that, a few short days later, Nas releases the following video:

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Inevitably, the use of the word “finale” has instantly started people talking about “retirement” with God’s Son. Personally, I am not having it. There is no way Nas is going to retire in the MIDDLE of a run this epic. Also, let us address the elephant in the room. Nas is NEVER going to stop this hustle until there is no question that he is the King. Now, to many, there is no question. I do believe there is a commercial opinion that still includes some other notables. OK – Jay-Z. Let us say the name! Jay has been very quiet in this 50th year of Hip-Hop and I am wondering why? Nevertheless, his body of work has been incredible, but I hope Jay decides to step up and drop an album! Jay has never released an album that did NOT go to Number 1. It is now a time in Hip-Hop where going to the top if the chart instantly is tough. Nas does not seem to care about that. He seems to care about the art, legacy and culture.