xQc Makes Kid Cry After Buying Him Computer on Livestream: ‘If You’re Broke, I’ll Get You One’


“Can you buy me a PC for Christmas,” the child asked as xQc was drinking a Gatorade. “You’re a millionaire!”

After xQc asked him what kind of computer he wanted, the child replied “any PC that can run Fortnite.”

xQc then told him that if he could show him that he wasn’t able to afford a computer, he’d send him the money to get one.

After deliberating on how to send the kid the money, including asking if the kid had crypto, xQc sent the funds over which led to the kid bursting into tears out of happiness.

“No way, I got it,” the kid exclaimed. “Thank you so much bro.”

The kid then burst into tears.

“I hope you enjoy it, man,” xQc replied. “You’re all good. It costs nothing to me. It doesn’t do anything to me, but it does a lot to you.”

Before logging off, xQc said he simply wanted to see a picture of the computer when the kid would purchase it.

“That’s the most wholesome thing I have seen X do,” said one YouTube commenter.

“I got a little bit teary and cracked a smile when kid started to cry bros,” added another.