YNW Melly Accuses His Mother Of ‘Lying’ From Behind Bars


YNW Melly made a brief phone call from prison on Tuesday (April 5) to set the record straight after an affiliate named JGreen accused his manager, 100K Track, of owing both his mother and brother money.

During a heated Instagram live stream, JGreen accosted Track for appearing on Adam22’s No Jumper podcast and accused him of ripping off YNW BSlime and his mother Jamie King.

“Man listen, everybody who entertaining that shit or whatever going on bruh that is not what it is bruh,” Melly said as he phoned in from prison. “My momma be lying, my momma got anxiety issues. Her ass triggered bruh. You know what I’m saying? She feels some type of way because she feels like my brother is supposed to be bigger, or whatever bruh. Nobody bucking my brother on no money. If Track fucking my brother on money that mean I’m fucking my brother on money and I’d never do that to my little brother.”

He added, “My momma be tripping, complaining and lying. She been lying for a while now, bruh. That’s what’s been going on, you know what I’m saying? N-gga can’t take nothing from 100k.”

Melly went on to say that Track has been keeping the business running while Melly endures his ongoing murder trial, saying that Track remains the “only person” he can depend on and that he can’t even depend on his own mother. He added that Green’s behavior on the live stream was completely “out of pocket.”

“I’m fighting for my life right now. I got more shit going on, you get what I’m saying? But all that shit they talking about is not what it is. J Green is out of pocket. I don’t even know…he don’t even know what’s going on…my momma lying, my momma crazy as fuck. What you doing? You get what I’m saying. N-ggas be out of pocket and n-ggas be on drugs and n-ggas be trippin’ and shit.”

It’s been three years since YNW Melly was arrested and accused of murdering his two friends, Christopher “YNW Juvy” Thomas Jr. and Anthony “YNW Sakchaser” Williams, but on Monday (April 4) the jury selection process for his murder trial finally got underway. However, it seems Melly might have to wait a bit longer to face a judge, as Complex later reported that due to “unresolved legal issues,” the start of the trial was delayed, with no new date announced yet.