Young Guru Proves Jay-Z Did “God Did” Verse In One Take


Jay-Z recently set the rap world ablaze after the release of DJ Khaled’s latest album God Did, where he rapped for 4 minutes straight on the song of the same name. Fans and critics have called the verse one of Jay’s best of his career, and have called into question whether he actually did the verse in just one take.

Well, he did. And Hov’s engineer Young Guru recently posted to Instagram to show people that Hov did his verse in just one take. In the post he shared a picture of him and Hov in the studio and then the recording on the computer that shows Jay-Z unedited vocals.

“This is first and last time I’m gonna do this. I could care less if you believe me when I say that he did this @djkhaled verse in one take,” Guru wrote. ” Let’s be clear for the youth. Doing a song in one take is just a bonus of the level of talent. The song is what is important. You have to realize how much work is done before he goes in the booth.”

Guru went on to say “Questions like, “are these the right words”, “are you going in the right direction”, “is this the best flow” are all answered and addressed mentally way before you record. Then you say the verse over and over in teh control room to memorialize it. Does jay do EVERY verse in one take? No. But has he done A LOT of verses in one take? Hell yes!!! I have no reason to [cap]! Lookat the zoom in of the screen. There are no chops or breaks in that audio. This “I don’t believe you unless I see it” thing is foreign to me. So here is your proof. It doesn’t matter if you believed me….. God Did!!!”

Hov’s verse had been hyped up by DJ Khaled even before the release of the album. However, it seems like Khaled was right. Following the release of the song, Guru even broke down the double entendre’s Jay used in the verse.