Young Roley’s New Music Video “Feels” Showcases His Unique Style and Storytelling Ability


Young Roley, an independent Dominican rapper hailing from the cultural hub of New York City, is making waves in the music industry with his new music video “Feels”. Drawing inspiration from icons such as Jay Z, Big Pun, and Big L, Roley incorporates the vulnerability in storytelling that was popularized by the Notorious B.I.G. in his music. Young Roley has a new album dropping soon called “college graduate” and we cannot wait to see what it has to offer.

Roley’s lyrics and beats are a reflection of his personal experiences, from his struggles with navigating the world on his own to the lessons he’s learned from the women in his life. In his 2022 EP, “The Senior Year,” Roley shares his journey of having to go it alone, but always maintaining his grit.

Despite being a newcomer to the rap industry, Roley is already tapped into the zeitgeist of modern-day rap, drawing inspiration from artists like Juice World and Pop Smoke. His smooth, melodic beats in “Used To Be My Baby” echo the style of Childish Gambino’s “What Kind of Love,” reflecting the faults he brought to his relationships and the lessons he’s learned from them.

As a Dominican rapper, Roley is also influenced by Spanish trap and bachata, and his fans are eager to see how he will incorporate his culture and ethnicity into his music. With artists of the past encouraging him, those of today molding his path, and the undiscovered parts of himself making their way out, Roley is sure to create music that is entirely his own.

With “Feels,” Roley has once again proven his ability to innovate and redefine himself as an artist. Fans can find his music on all major streaming platforms and are eagerly awaiting what Roley has in store for the future.

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