Young Thug Says He ‘Never Paid Attention’ to André 3000


André 3000 may have achieved legendary status, but that doesn’t make Young Thug a fan.

During a recent appearance on T.I.’s “ExpediTIously” podcast, T.I. likened the Outkast icon’s style to Thugger, but the similarities were lost on Thug, who claims he has never paid him much attention.

“I can’t rap you two André 3000 songs,” he said, according to HipHopDX. “I ain’t never paid attention to him. Never in my life.”

T.I. brought up Thug’s relationship with another legend, Elton John, who Thug worked with on 2018’s “High.” Tip encouraged Thug to reconsider and extend an olive branch, but Thug didn’t seem interested.

“The difference between Elton John and André is, Elton John like to kiss ass, [where] André likes his ass kissed,” he said. “He’s just more of a fan type of ni**a, to the point it’s like, ‘Ni**a, let’s do music!’ He’s like, ‘Ni**a, bet.’ André more like, ‘Yo, this is his secretary.’”

T.I. insisted that André was an “ally,” prompting Thug to respond, “He’s who ally?” He continued to throw shade at Three Stacks: “Why don’t you rap like him? You don’t talk like him, dress like him, look like him. You ain’t trying to portray none of that.”

It’s unclear where Thug’s disdain for André 3000 comes from. In a 2017 interview with Complex, 3000 complimented the YSL rapper.

“He’s exciting,” said Dre. “There’s no box. He’s all over the place. To do those things he does, you have to have big fu**in’ balls. It’s almost harder than the guy who’s portraying hard, you know? It’s kind of mind-fu**ing people. It’s saying, ‘Don’t get too comfortable with me.’ That’s one of my mottos: Don’t let people get too comfortable with what you’re doing.”

Thug is now working on Slime Language 2, the sequel to his 2018 compilation, which was slated to drop on Black Friday.