Zeddy Will Throws Joint Baby Shower for His 5 Baby Mamas


Although Zeddy was not quoted by TMZ, his co-manager Shawn Prez released a statement defending the polyamorous lifestyle. 

“Society has shifted, and in turn so has modern relationship dynamics,” he said. “The essence lies in redefining relationships personally, breaking away from the one-size-fits-all approach and societal pressures to conform. Individuals should be allowed to craft relationships that align with their values, desires, boundaries, and aspirations. … Nick Cannon serves as a notable example of successful polyamory, highlighting that the definition of a relationship is a personal choice.”

Since 2011, Cannon has welcomed 12 kids with six different women, including Mariah Carey. The actor/TV host spoke about his large blended family in a 2022 interview with E! News’ Daily Pop, revealing he had a vasectomy consultation

“I don’t know if I would’ve designed it this way, but it’s one of those things when you’re blessed with the gifts of children—and as we all know, I’ve been through so much,” he said. “I find solace, I find peace in my children, and I find purpose. I already went and got my vasectomy consultation. I ain’t looking to populate the earth completely, but I’m definitely looking forward to taking care and loving all the children that I currently have.”