Art Brut Announce New Compilation Album A Record Collection, Reduced to a Mixtape


Art Brut have announced a new compilation album, A Record Collection, Reduced to a Mixtape. For the 2xLP or 5xCD set, the south London indie-pop institution selected highlights from its albums Bang Bang Rock & Roll, It’s a Bit Complicated, Art Brut vs Satan, and Brilliant! Tragic!, along with demos, alternate takes, and live recordings from its 2003-2008 heyday. The CD collection, titled And Yes, This Is My Singing Voice!, comes with a zine and an Eddie Argos essay in the liner notes; it’s the first in a two-part set that will collect all of Art Brut’s output. Check out the vinyl tracklist below.

In 2013, Art Brut released another best-of compilation, Top of the Pops.

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Art Brut: A Record Collection, Reduced to a Mixtape

A Record Collection, Reduced to a Mixtape:

01 Formed a Band
02 My Little Brother
03 Emily Kane
04 Good Weekend
05 Pump Up the Volume
06 Nag Nag Nag
07 St. Pauli
08 Alcoholics Unanimous
09 DC Comics & Chocolate Milkshake
10 Summer Job
11 Unprofessional Wrestling
12 Axl Rose
13 Lost Weekend
14 Hooray!
15 She Kissed Me (And It Felt Like a Hit)
16 I Hope You’re Very Happy Together
17 Modern Art (Berlin Live)
18 Wham! Bang! Pow! Let’s Rock Out!
19 Arizona Bay
20 Just Deserts
21 We Make Pop Music (Berlin Live)
22 Post Soothing Out (Berlin Live)

Art Brut: And Yes, This Is My Singing Voice!

Art Brut:

09-05 Edinburgh, Scotland – The Voodoo Rooms
09-06 Newcastle upon Tyne, England – The Grove
09-25 Mainz, Germany – Kulturclub Schon Schön
09-26 Schorndorf, Germany – Manufaktur
09-27 Berlin, Germany – Lido
09-28 Hamburg, Germany – Molotow Music Club
09-29 Dresden, Germany – Beatpol
09-30 Cologne, Germany – Gebäude 9 
10-25 Birmingham, England – Castle & Falcon
10-26 London, England – Electric Brixton
10-27 Brighton, England – Concorde 2
10-28 Margate, England – Where Else?

Art Brut Live Dates