Bow Wow Retires From Strip Club Money Throwing


Bow Wow announced he’s officially too grown to be making it rain in strip clubs. The 35-year-old rap star announced his retirement from strip clubs on his Instagram Story over the weekend.

“Officially retired from throwing money in strip clubs!” Bow Wow wrote. “I guess this is the 35 hitting! Done Done Done.”

Bow Wow’s announcement comes after the “Shortie Like Mine” rapper closed out his 34th year of life in January sharing a video he recorded while stopping by Atlanta’s Magic City strip club to grab some grub. The video featured a young man gawking at the club’s talent.

“I go to Magic to get some food,” Bow Wow wrote in part. “And I see bro just SHOCKED. I mean JUST IN AWE… YUP this is what ATL can do to a young man.  He was ready to risk it all last night… hahahhahHhA WIPE THE DROOL OFF YA MOUTH BOY!! [Phone emoji] WIFEY AND TELLER ‘hey baby NOT COMING HOME. NOT JUST TONIGHT BUT FOREVER ITS OVER’.”

Bow Wow has been a regular at many strip clubs throughout his career. He was clowned by 50 Cent in 2019 for allegedly pocketing $1,000 meant for the dancers. Fif recently revisited this accusation, claiming the Bow Wow is still salty about being accused.

“I see BOW WOW mad i told everybody he took that money home from that strip club,” 50 Cent wrote after he saw Bow Wow had liked a Shade Room post discussing Fif’s feud with Madonna. “SMH. Fool that money was for the dancers!”

“I liked it cuz u dissed her fool,” Bow Wow wrote in reply. “if u swipe over its your post.” Regardless of 50 Cent’s accusations, perhaps Bow Wow’s retirement from strippers means he won’t have these disputes moving forward.