Rod Wave Condemns Blogs After Cheating Rumor Spreads Online


Rod Wave ranted about the recklessness of blogs and social media after he was accused of cheating on his girlfriend. The Alamo Records artist criticized bloggers and online outlets in a series of Instagram Stories and Twitter posts on Monday (August 21).


“Fame s### lame,” he wrote. “Square ass blog n##### even worse anybody can say yo name how they want to and a blog site jus gone spread it to da world and ppl believe it. S### not fair don’t even care y’all hurt wit dat s###.”

Rod Wave posted a screenshot of several stories about him, noting how he typically doesn’t respond to manufactured news involving his name. But he said blogs crossed a line by spreading a cheating rumor.

“I never say nun back to y’all ass but y’all went way [too] far wit dat cheating s### bra,” he wrote.

Rod Wave wanted to see blogs and social media accounts face consequences for posting lies. He asked the purveyors of fake news to think about how it affects the people in his life.

“Da whole world on da internet bro it should be a crime to jus get on yo platform and lie and twist s### about ppl,” he wrote.

He added, “It’s forever f### da world wit me but what about da innocent ppl round me y’all effect.”

Rod Wave is preparing to release a new album titled Nostalgia. The project is scheduled to drop on September 15.