Cam’ron Unloads On Unnamed Rappers: ‘I Got iPhone 3s & 4s Of Receipts!’


Miami, FL – Cam’ron isn’t going to let someone speak on his name without repercussions. Even while he looks to enjoy some September sun in Miami, Killa Cam made some time on Friday (September 17) taking to his Instagram with a three-minute video warning a few unnamed individuals that if they keep throwing dirt on his name, he’s going to publicly embarrass them.

Whoever pissed off Cam’ron probably doesn’t want to feel his wrath because he’s promising to throw the house at these certain individuals with files, emails saved from over the years and photos he’s even got stored on his iPhone 3.

“Anybody I used to work with or was cool with, if I helped you out in life and you throw dirt on my name, I’m going to expose you bad,” Cam began. “Stop going on these shows and lying on me, man.”

“I’m telling you, I got mad dirt. I got iPhone 3s and 4s in a safe just for y’all n-ggas and bitches. I got all my old phones. I got all the old DMs of y’all begging me to work with y’all — men and female. It’s nobody above me having dirt on you. I promise you this ain’t what y’all want so stop lying on me.”

Following Cam’s threatening rant, social media began to speculate who he may have been targeting. Some believe this could be a response to his former artist Vado, who recently joined My Expert Opinion and spoke about what led to the divide of their U.N. union.

“I would just feel like my loyalty [to Cam’ron] was being taken advantage of,” he explained. “When you fuck with [Cam’ron], he want you to just fuck with him.”