Cardi B Says “What’s Love Got To Do With It” Before Revealing Intimate Night With Offset  


Cardi B borrowed a famous Tina Turner song to caption her New Year’s Day photo dump before revealing she and Offset are still intimate despite their ongoing separation.  

The Hip-Hop super couple sparked reconciliation rumors after they were spotted partying together in Miami on New Year’s Eve.  

While Cardi firmly shut down speculation of a reunion, she later admitted they slept together. The “Bongos” hitmaker clarified their relationship status during a New Year’s Day talk with her fans on X.  

“Was I clubbing with my baby daddy, yes,” she explained in a Spaces discussion. “Did I get dick down on New Year’s Eve, yes. I needed dick on New Year’s Eve.” 

While Cardi conceded she and Offset had a good time and were “were vibing,” on their night out, it’s not enough to mend their relationship. She said she’s determined not to fall back into their old patterns, revealing they would reconcile before arguing and blocking each other the following day.  

Cardi B also shared that she and Offset are going to therapy. “If it goes well, then we will be back together,” she said, after stating that while “we love each other,” they have “communication” issues.

Meanwhile, Cardi shared a series of stunning photos from her New Year’s Eve celebrations on social media. She used the famous Tina Turner song to caption her post, seemingly about her night with Offset.  

“What’s love got to do wit it?” she wrote alongside her photo dump. “Happy New Years.” 

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