Chris Evans Suggests He Wants to Work Less: ‘I’d Like to Just Smoke a Joint, Put on Some Music’


“I like autonomous things. I’d like to just smoke a joint, put on some music, and like, get into pottery,” he continued. “You know what I mean? Seth Rogen, what he’s doing. It’s good for you, man. You just go to your workshop and make something. And how satisfying, how simple, how quotidian. I love acting, but you can’t act alone. I chose a profession that requires not just a lot of different artists, but it requires an audience.” Rogen, a noted marijuana aficionado, has gotten into pottery in the last few years.

Evans still has two major movie projects on the horizon, so he won’t be taking a step back from acting time soon. First, he’ll star opposite Emily Blunt in the Netflix crime drama Pain Hustlers, which he said provided him with “a really fun role,” and then he’ll appear in the Christmas-set action-adventure movie Red One with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. “I’ve just been looking for a Christmas movie my whole career,” he said of Red One.

He’ll also reprise his role as Lucas Lee from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World in the upcoming Netflix animated series, Scott Pilgrim Takes Off. The show is set to debut on Nov. 17, 2023, and features the return of the entire cast from the live-action film.