DDG Trolls Fans Suggesting Halle Bailey Bought Her Own Christmas Gifts 


DDG is hitting back at suggestions that he can’t keep up financially with his singer/actress girlfriend Halle Bailey. 

Earlier this week, the rapper and The Little Mermaid star shared videos of their cozy Christmas together. “Spent $500,000 on christmas,” DDG wrote alongside one video showing off his gifts for Halle Bailey. The couple donned matching festive pajamas as they unwrapped the presents. Bailey was overcome with emotion after receiving a diamond Tiffany necklace and a black Birkin bag. 

DDG was happy with his haul, which included Balenciaga boots and a set of diamond stud earrings. 

The videos went viral, with fans speculating that the singer has given birth to her rumored child. Other fans took the opportunity to bash DDG, claiming Halle Bailey paid for her own Christmas gifts. 

Nonetheless, DDG responded to the hate with characteristic humor.  

“i give up.. y’all figured it out,” he wrote on X Wednesday (December 27). “im broke asf.. can anybody let me borrow a few thousand til next friday?” 

When somebody questioned what he actually does for a living, DDG joked, “i sell weed.. $20 a gram, $100 a 8th.. i also work at foot locker at the beverly center in beverly hills.. what else y’all wanna know.” 

He returned to the platform a few hours later with a video showing off stacks of cash, inviting his followers to guess how much money he had to win $100.  

Earlier this year, DDG addressed trolls questioning why Halle Bailey would have a baby with a “bum.” 

“Updated my bio to clear up confusion,” he wrote in September after changing his X bio to read, “Rich Bum.”