DJ Vlad Claims He Refused To Cooperate With Police In Keefe D Investigation


DJ Vlad says he rebuffed numerous requests from law enforcement to cooperate in their investigation into Duane “Keefe D” Davis, who was arrested on Friday (September 29) in connection to 2Pac’s murder. Keefe D has appeared multiple times on VladTV in which he he spoke at length about his involvement in the 1996 slaying. In a new interview with Bomb1st, DJ Vlad fielded multiple questions about the recent development.

“They actually have tried,” he said. “I’ve gotten a bunch of phone calls and emails, but I’m not cooperating. I’ve always held this stance when it comes to people who interview on my platform. I’m not going to have you come to my platform and do an interview then only to work against you with the police. Regardless of what people think that I really do, the reality of what I do…and I had to do this before. I remember this one time they tried to seize this one interview of someone who asked me to take it down the next day because they were fighting a case. At the time, their lawyer asked me to take it down. They then wanted to get the footage from me and I said no.”

DJ Vlad went on to claim he “hasn’t responded’ to numerous requests from law enforcement.

But others would beg to differ. DJ Vlad has been accused of being an informant more than once. Many feel his interviews are more like interrogations and often lead to artists incriminating themselves on camera. In 2008, DJ Vlad sued Rick Ross for allegedly luring him to a meeting and having him viciously beaten. Ross, a so-called “gangsta” rapper, was upset Vlad had revealed he once worked as a jail guard. Vlad wanted $2 million for permanent bodily injuries, plus punitive damages, in his federal lawsuit.

Since then, he’s clashed with numerous rappers, including NLE Choppa and Juelz Santana. As for Keefe D, a grand jury in Clark County has indicted him on one count of murder with use of a deadly weapon and with the intent to promote, further or assist a criminal gang, a prosecutor said in court. Keefe D is the uncle of 2Pac’s suspected killer, Orlando Anderson, who was fatally shot in a drive-by two years after the iconic rapper’s death.