Embed A DAW Into Any Website with Soundation


Embed A DAW Into Any Website with Soundation

Soundation is a web-based Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) where music creation is just one click away. Now, anyone can embed Soundation’s advanced music editing features on their own website to showcase sample packs, host remix competitions, or hold collaborative music production classes.

Soundation has now made it possible for any company or producer selling beats or sample packs to embed a DAW directly into their website, so users don’t have to leave the company’s site to test their products. Companies and producers create their projects in Soundation’s free online DAW, and can then embed this project into their website, where visitors can listen, play around with, and remix their track. Visitors will not make lasting edits that affect the next user or the original project, and don’t need to create an account or leave the website to use it.

While this unlocks many unique opportunities for testing before purchase and increased visibility for their content or tracks, this feature can also be used by music marketplaces for remix competitions or other use cases – Soundation is flexible to company needs, and since Soundation is a web app, the team can customize the user experience to fit the individual company’s unique needs.

“By adding a fully-equipped customizable DAW, websites will get a new tool that can help them increase the value they can give to their users and customers,” says Soundation CEO Adam Hasslert. “This hasn’t been available until now, but we see this as a real game changer for music tech companies, producers, and creators.”

After producers create the track they’d like to embed on their website, they can then customize how they would like the DAW to appear, including the thumbnail, headline, color scheme, and aspect ratio. Producers need no prior coding knowledge; they can copy and paste the code into a website builder like WordPress or Shopify, and preview how their project will appear. This is as easy as embedding a YouTube video to a website.

This is all supported through Soundation’s collaborative, cloud-based DAW that caters to producers in any stage of their musical journey. It is filled with royalty-free beats and all the tools necessary to create high-quality tracks online – and is free for all to use. Soundation also offers Soundation Education, a simple and collaborative online music studio for schools.

Soundation will also launch Workspaces, enabling music tech companies to create their own dashboards for their users to save projects and content. This feature will also be available for Soundation Education, so teachers can have different dashboards for different classes.

More information, including detailed steps, is available about Embed on the Soundation website!


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