Fans Slam Mom For Letting Baby Crowd-Surf At Flo Rida Concert


Flo Rida is under fire after a viral video shows him receiving a baby that was crowd-surfed to his music during a recent concert in Erie, Pennsylvania. The clip from this year’s “Celebrate Erie” festival shows that the audience didn’t lift the baby to the stage but into the artist’s arms as he was perched on top of his security detail’s shoulders.

While singing his hit song “Low,” the baby went from his arms to his hip, and then the artist shared the mic with his new co-star. The baby-inspired partying didn’t stop there. He kept the baby for some time, even when he went back to the stage. While performing with his hype man and band, he then lifted up the baby Simba-style to the sky.

Social media went berserk blasting both the mother.

“How does a mother just let go of her baby so easily like that? Lol,” one person asked.

One Twitter user said the baby was “probably so confused,” while another replied, “We all are.” Another asked why the baby was even at the concert.

Some just cracked jokes, saying, “I wonder how you claim your baby back?”

“The fact that flo rida put the mic up to the baby as if they were gonna start singing Low word for word bar for bar is hilarious,” someone snickered.

Most people were concerned for the baby.

“Idk if I want a whole bunch of random people touching my infant child but that’s just me,” one person tweeted, while another said, “Over my dead body would I let a group of FLO RIDA FANS carry my baby to the stage like that.”