Future Loses Child Support Battle With Brittni Mealy; Ordered To Pay More


Rapper Future has been ordered by the court to increase his child support payments to Brittni Mealy, the mother of his 10-year-old son, Prince.


According to RadarOnline, the court has ruled that Future will now pay Mealy $5,000 per month, a significant increase from the previous amount of $3,000.

This decision comes after a lengthy legal battle where Mealy sought to have the rapper’s finances examined to determine if he could afford to provide more support.

Mealy’s legal team argued that there had been a “substantial change” in Future’s income since the original child support amount was set in 2014. They found that the rapper currently earns about $30,000 a month.

They cited his successful music career and other ventures as evidence of his increased wealth. Mealy also requested a detailed account of Future’s financial assets, including his credit charges, money transfers, property holdings, and cryptocurrency investments.

The court’s decision also considered changes in the child’s needs and Future’s alleged failure to fulfill his custody obligations.

Mealy claimed that Future frequently missed his scheduled custody days, leading her to hire additional childcare.

As part of the court’s ruling, Future must maintain a $350,000 life insurance policy and cover daycare costs for the days he fails to honor the custody schedule.