Jack Harlow Meets Soccer Legend Ronaldinho: ‘My Hero Before I Wanted To Rap’


Rio De Janeiro, Brazil – Jack Harlow has long been a fan of soccer and played the sport during his school days. Taking to his socials on Tuesday (March 22), the Louisville rapper shared a photo of himself alongside Brazilian soccer legend Ronaldinho after meeting the former Barcelona player in Rio De Janeiro.

He also shared some throwback photos of himself playing soccer as a kid, while wearing the same number as Ronaldinho when he played for Italian side A.C. Milan.

“My hero before I wanted to rap,” he wrote alongside a Brazil flag emoji.

Jack Harlow supports English Premier League team Chelsea. He’s previously made soccer references in his music including mentions to Argentinian goalkeeper Willy Caballero on his song “Face of My City” and American star Christian Pulisic on a remix of Tion Wayne and Russ Millions’ “Body.”

During an interview with Nardwuar in January, Jack Harlow revealed a goal he scored in high school remains one of his biggest ever achievements.

“I’m Grammy-nominated now, I’ve got some accolades, I’ve had a No. 1, but what I’m about to tell you is right up there with it,” he explained. “I was a defender in high school, I played soccer, I was a centre-back, but on my senior night I scored the only goal the winning goal, assisted by my boy. It was a hell of a goal. Like I said, I played defence so I was in the back but the ball was up front, and it was on the wing and I just had a feeling, man.”

He continued, “I had a feeling in my soul and I just took off running and somehow the ball just came out right in front of me, and that’s intuition. It was amazing. But that’s right up there with any of my musical achievements, my senior night winning goal. Atherton High School, thank you.”

On a trip to the UK in 2021, Jack Harlow was taken on a tour of Chelsea’s stadium by former player Ashley Cole, which he called “a dream come true.”