Kanye West & Julia Fox Relationship Was Just Birkin Bags & Divorce Baggage


Kanye West’s ex-girlfriend Julia Fox is seemingly accusing the Grammy Award-winning artist of manipulating her in order to anger his ex-wife Kim Kardashian.

During a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times, Fox said she believes West had ulterior motives all along, but that he hid them at first because there was a time she felt she “really understood him on a visceral level.” Fox added, “Though ultimately I’d be helping a precarious situation,” in regard to her companionship with Ye while amid his split with Kim Kardashian.

“But I learned very quickly that I was being weaponized,” Fox continued. “I just felt like his little puppet.”

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But why is the actress and model digging up these alleged old wounds now? Fox claims she didn’t sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) during her relationship with West and plans to detail the rise and fall of their romance in her forthcoming memoir, Down the Drain.

“I’m not signing a f–king NDA just on principle—I never have, and I never will,” she confessed before swiftly adding, “unless it’s a professional opportunity, then sure.” It’s somewhat hard to believe that West was solely in the relationship just to get back at Kim Kardashian—but then again, he did beg for her to come back to him during he and Drake’s Larry Hoover benefit concert in front of the free world. He also once bought Fox and five of her friends Birkin bags just because. Ye is truly a Gemini lover!

All in all, at least he and new wife Bianca Censori’s union has been legally recognized and verified so he can continue to move on.