Kevin Hart and Plastic Cup Boyz Roast Katt Williams During NBA Unplugged Broadcast


Kevin Hart has addressed Katt Williams‘ remarks about himself and other comedians once again and this time had some fun with his peer. 

During the NBA Unplugged broadcast of the game between the New York Knicks and Philadelphia 76ers on Friday, Hart and his crew, the Plastic Cup Boyz, were commentating on the game when Williams became the topic of discussion. The longtime friends relentlessly joked about the 52-year-old comic for coming at Hart during his appearance on Club Shay Shay last week.

“Another fun fact about the New York Knicks, I don’t know if you guys know this, but Katt Williams bought the Knicks, and it’s rumored that he took the Knicks back, returned them with a receipt,” Hart said. “He’s the first person to ever do that. He bought them for 15 days and returned them. That’s another fun fact about the New York Knicks.”

Hart continued dragging Williams by making fun of the comment he made about reading 3,000 books as a kid alongside the Plastic Cup Boyz. According to Hart, Williams got accepted to Delaware State University at seven years old, and it never made the news.

“The biggest secret in the world,” Hart said in between his laughter. “Smartest kid to ever do it, they kept it a secret for 48 years. They kept it a secret it just dropped on us.”