King Lil G Latest Freestyle Has The Rap Game In A Chokehold


Since the age of 12, King Lil G has been undeniably passionate about music. His music style is a unique fusion of rap, hip-hop, and Spanish, his unique sound has led him to collaborate with the biggest rap artists alive – including Kendrick Lamar. Though many artists sound alike today, King Lil G is still in his own lane, without comparison to any hip-hop artist around.

Most recently he released a surprise freestyle on YouTube titled “Disrespectful Freestyle!” Mid rap he switches from his English style rap to his famed Spanish style rap. In the rap freestyle he throws slight shade at rappers in the game.

“Catch me at the crime scene, homie snitch if you wanna, better fix your playlist, I don’t listen to Gunna, I don’t listen to suckas, I don’t listen to bustas”

The video has already gained over 1.3 million views and that number is still growing everyday. Fans in the comments are also loving the freestyle.

With more than half a billion YouTube views and more than 1 million subscribers, King Lil G is well on his way to becoming a household name in the hip-hop world. Although his passion is music, the rising rapper also writes, produces and directs. In the past, he’s collaborated with artists such as Nipsey Hussle, Tory Lanez, Too Short and producer Hit-Boy. The music video for his 2014 single “Hopeless Boy”, which is about poverty, drugs and violence, has garnered over 69 million views.

Aside from having 11 Billboard plaques, King Lil G also has a few albums and mixtapes under his belt, including Blue DevilKing Enemy, and AK47 Boyz. Some say these projects make King Lil G stand out from others mainly because of his signature style of combining trap beats with old-school hip hop lyrics. As for what’s coming up for the independent artist, “singles now, album soon,” he says.

Heavily inspired by the Mexican cartel music and his heritage, King Lil G wants to use his
experiences to inspire children across the country. Raised in street life, King Lil G admits that he found comfort in hip-hop because it comes from the streets like him. From negative experiences with contracts, King Lil G now represents himself as an independent artist and wants to give others a platform too.

Though being a rapper may be his passion, King Lil G is a multifaceted individual with the
ability to direct, edit, draw, and play soccer. With a possible reality TV series in the works, King Lil G wants others to know that if he can make it out, then so can you.

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