Latto Claps Back At Twitter Troll For Mocking Her ‘Small Ass Stage’


Latto is currently on the 777 tour in partnership with Monster Energy, and it’s already getting all types of reactions from fans and critics. One person, in particular, had something to say about the Atlanta native’s stage setup, and she wasted no time addressing the fan.

Big Latto’s stage setup is like any other Hip Hop concert for a fairly new artist. There’s the DJ stand, an LED screen and a few 777-inspired props such as giant dice and poker chips. A fan had felt Latto could’ve done a better job and put more effort into the stage design.

“Im crying this small ass stage and had the nerve to have some props. I respect it tho,” tweeted the fan alongside a video of Latto performing “Up & Down” with an appearance by Saucy Santana.

Latto didn’t take too nicely to the critique and tweeted, “Y’all be impressed by festival stages with tens of thousands of ppl that came to see 100 artists. These 1-3k ppl coming to see ME. Most new artists scared to do it cause they can’t sell hard tickets cause the internet hype don’t transfer over in real life.”

Latto’s fans came to her defense on Twitter and fired shots at those who had something negative to say about her stage design. According to most people, there was nothing wrong with the stage.

With her tour in full swing, Latto is gearing up to drop the album accompanying her series of shows. The “Big Energy” rapper announced March 25 as the release date for 777 via Instagram, with a post also revealing the cover art.

“I put a lot of thought into my artwork I hope u guys love it and understand where I’m at mentally,” she wrote in a separate Twitter post. “the music will give just as much as the visuals! I PROMISE U THAT! My heart beating so fast I was nervous to post but I’m ready for this next chapter!!!!! Let’s go!”