Lawyers Vow Legal Dog Fight With Kanye West Over Donda Academy


The Donda Academy continues to face legal drama. The former assistant principal is reportedly fixed on seeing  Kanye West in court for breach of contract. The administrator is also vowing to fight to the end, and his lawyers aren’t backing down to any pressure from Ye’s attorneys.

According to Patch, the first tactic Ye’s team tried to play was to have the judge dismiss Isaiah Meadow’s lawsuit. They argue the case should be thrown out because the complaint is actually outside of the statute of limitations.

Meadows and his lawyers disagree. They say their lawsuit addresses Ye and the Donda Academy’s breach of contract and state Labor Code violations. One complaint was about the very peculiar ways of the “College Dropout” rapper.

As noted in the lawsuit, Kanye didn’t like glass and allegedly refused to fix a broken skylight. Consequently, rain soaked the floor and hit exposed electrical and telephone wires.

Meadows says Yeezy told him to lease a $60,000 home in Calabasas and he would reimburse him. He reneged on this paying the educator’s rent— leaving him with the bill. While West has a heavy-hitting legal team, so does Meadows.

Spearheading Meadow’s defense is Ronald Zambrano, who’s also representing three ex-dancers from Lizzo’s camp. These dancers have leveled allegations of sexual harassment and the establishment of an unfriendly work environment against the musician.

“We are aware of the response to Mr. Meadows’ lawsuit filed by Ye and his attorneys this week,” Zambrano said in a statement. “It changes nothing. We stand by our case and the allegations contained in the complaint and are looking forward to taking this to trial.” has reported extensively on the multiple lawsuits against Kanye West and the Donda Academy.