Lil Baby Shares $1M Las Vegas Winnings With His Friends: ‘Realest N-gga Alive’


Las Vegas, NV – Lil Baby won $1,000,000 in Las Vegas this past weekend, and instead of blowing the cash on himself, he split the winnings with the rest of his team.

On Sunday (August 28), the Atlanta rapper was filmed winning the big cash prize on a single bet in a Vegas casino.

According to an Instagram Story from one of his 4PF associates, Baby then decided to share the winnings with 10 of his friends, blessing them each with $10,000.

“This n-gga really just hit 4 a milli,” the caption read. “Wham win a milli on dice that boy nun nice. Then gave all the bros a 10…. Realist [sic] n-gga Alive!”

Lil Baby, who was enjoying some well-earned leisure time after wrapping up his One Of Them Ones Tour with Chris Brown, responded to the viral clip on Twitter on Tuesday (August 30), reminding his fans that his focus is on making smart investments, not flaunting his wealth.

“They know I won $ but what they don’t know is I ain’t out here balling I’m investing,” he tweeted.

Lil Baby is no stranger to hooking his friends up with gifts. Earlier this month, he celebrated James Harden’s 33rd birthday by blessing the NBA superstar with a designer suitcase filled with $250,000 in cash.

“I ain’t have time to get you nothing,” he said after handing Harden the Goyard bag packed with cash. “I know you ain’t low on no money or nothing.”

Drake is also an avid gambler and he even credited Baby with helping him win $17.9 million on a single roulette spin earlier this year.

“You know why that happened?” Drizzy said while celebrating his hefty win on a livestream from his Toronto mansion. “Because Baby walked in! That’s why.”

On the music side, Lil Baby made a pair of appearances on DJ Khaled‘s new album GOD DID, which dropped on August 26. He teamed up with Drake for the chart-topping “Staying Alive” and combined with Future for “Big Time.”

The Grammy-winning rapper is currently working on the long-awaited follow-up to 2020’s My Turn, which is expected to arrive later this year.