Lil Durk Taunts Chicago Rival FBG Wooski On ‘Computer Murderers’


Lil Durk kept the promise he made regarding new music that was on the way. On Friday (March 18), the Chicago rapper unleashed “Computer Murderers” to streaming services and he’s not wasting any time throw shots at his enemies.

The Trill Bans and TouchofTrent-produced beat finds Durk rapping viciously about his foes and how superior he is over his Chicago rivals. Durkio mostly refrains from dropping names except for one person, FBG Wooski, who was shot in the head at a funeral in 2018. He also references certain situations involving his rivals, such as FBG Cash, who recently posed in front of a King Von mural in Chicago.

“Check on your mans, I heard he got hit in his head (Hello?)/But he almost died so I can say his name ’cause he ain’t dead (Wooski)/How you let a n-gga vouch for you who just got out the feds?/Sneaking pics by Von mural like lil’ bro won’t come out and spin (Grrah, grrah),” Durk raps.


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The issues between Durk and the FBG crew allegedly go back to heat between their respective blocks in Chicago. FBG Duck was shot and killed in Chicago’s affluent Gold Coast in August 2020, and fans believe Durk threw a diss at him on one of the closing tracks of his album The Voice.

“Computer Murderers” is accompanied by a music video that finds Lil Durk teaming up once again with director Jerry Productions. The Chicago rap star flashes his money, jewelry and ridicules his enemies alongside his friends in the clip.

Fans have been streaming the record, and Durk is noticing all the love. Shortly after releasing the track, the OTF boss took to his Twitter to compare himself to lethal shooter and NBA superstar Steph Curry.

“I can’t miss I’m like steph fr,” Durk tweeted.

Durk announced the record would come out earlier this week with an Instagram Story of the song saved on someone’s phone. Fans were excited over the record, especially after Durk explained the reason for dropping the song a week after unleashing his seventh studio album 7220.

According to Durk, people were getting on his bad side. “N-ggas pissed me off again,” he wrote in the Story.