Lower Stress Levels With Luv Docta’s Hot New Song “Freak”


We have the perfect song for you if you are longing for the days of summer, get ready to cut loose! The Luv Docta is currently in session. He has a new song available titled, “FREAK”, that features YBG Tsunami and is currently streaming on all platforms. The two created a music video for the song that features them with a stunning line of women, having fun with water weapons in a summery, tropical setting. Get ready to warm up with this newest hit. Often, when we listen to our favorite music, we tend to be in a state of sexual bliss, feel-good chemicals then flood our bodies and our minds. Good music has been shown to lower stress levels and raise sexual arousal.

Because the Luv Docta knows exactly the right amount of music to get you and your emotions moving, we would describe this as a panty dropper, for sure. Take a moment to unwind and add this hot song to your playlist.

Listen to “Freak” by Luv Docta ft. YBG Tsunami, which is currently available on all streaming sites.

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