Mozzy Drops "Kollect Kall" EP with Guest Appearances from YFN Lucci, Baby Money, and Others


Mozzy continues to make waves, even while incarcerated. On Wednesday (April 4), the rapper unveiled the first song on the tracklist of his latest EP. “Free All The Lifers” features Dave-O and Jay P Bangz as producers and showcases the Sacramento-born rapper’s signature intensity. He confronts his detractors head-on with lines like, “N*ggas on the internet begging to meet the reaper / I got all these screenshots of you begging me for a feature.” The message is clear: even from behind bars, the 35-year-old is not one to be trifled with.

Today, Mozzy released his aptly titled new project, Kollect Kall. Although the effort clocks in at under 15 minutes, the “Real Ones” rapper manages to address a broad spectrum of topics, ranging from personal relationships to industry struggles and more. The EP is a balanced blend of aggression and emotion. Each track holds its own, but the final cut, “Turn Your Back,” is a true standout. The jazz-infused instrumental is rich with reverb-drenched saxophones and vocal samples, as Mozzy raps about betrayals by those he thought he could trust. “If we were brothers like we thought, we coulda fixed that,” he laments, “Instead of intervening and gettin’ between us, ngga, sit back.” The Oak Park native may get emotional on the EP, but he also issues plenty of warnings to those who would betray him. On “It’s Over,” he asserts that he’ll never be the one to hesitate when taking a shot if necessary. “I refuse to be the one to freeze wit the blammy, that’s on granny,” Mozzy rhymes. “They prayin’ the judge do a ngga scandalous, they can’t stand me.”

Less than a year ago, the rapper released his sixth solo studio album, Survivor’s Guilt. Unfortunately, Mozzy began serving his prison sentence shortly after the project’s release. He was incarcerated on gun charges related to a 2021 traffic stop. At that time, his car was searched, and police officers discovered a Glock 26 and nine rounds of ammunition. Although the recording artist’s defense team argued that the weapon was necessary for protection and requested a probation sentence, the rapper ultimately received a federal prison sentence.