Soulja Boy Denies Being In Illuminati, Claims He’d Have Fewer Haters As A Devil Worshipper 


Hip-hop artists have long faced allegations of belonging to the Illuminati, with some of your favorite rappers accused of selling their soul or sacrificing loved ones in the pursuit of fortune and fame. 

Soulja Boy is no different, and his rise in the industry was subject to the same Illuminati conspiracy theories after he seemingly came out of nowhere and was propelled to early viral success when he emerged onto the scene in the late 2000s.  

During a recent Instagram Live session, the Atlanta-based rapper addressed accusations he’s part of the occult. However, according to Soulja Boy, if he were involved in the Illuminati, he’d have already shut down all his haters.  

“‘Soulja Boy joined the Illuminati, that’s how he got his money. That’s how he got famous, that’s how he got rich,’” he told his IG Live viewers, recounting the gossip. “But guess what? All I ever did was pray to God and stayed in the studio and stayed down until I made it, until I got on. They always gon’ try to discredit you for anything you do.” 

The “Crank That (Soulja Boy)” hitmaker  explained his belief in God means “you gon’ go through s###.” Among these trials are facing lies in the media and beefing with unknown haters. “You go through more s### when you f#####’ with God.” 

Moreover, Soulja Boy insisted his life would be easier if he actually dabbled in the dark forces.  

“If I was like a devil ass artist that worship the devil and s###, I’d be straight,” he surmised. “It wouldn’t be no blogs lying on my name, it wouldn’t be no rappers beefing with me, you know what I’m saying? But since I f### with God, I’ma go through more s### than the average person.” 

Check out the video below.

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