The Game Reignites Beef With 50 Cent: ‘Your Rap Career Died Wit Them Loli Pop Strap Tank Tops’


As many Hip Hop fans are pointing out, The Game has another album on the horizon and what better way to keep his name in headlines than to reignite his once-dormant beef with 50 Cent. The latest social media sparring session began after 50 Cent clowned The Game for getting snubbed by record executive Jimmy Iovine at a Los Angeles Lakers game. He also took credit for writing The Game’s songs.

“LOL The man didn’t even look at him,” 50 wrote under a video clip of the alleged snub. “Get this guy out of here 50 wrote the records. LMFAO.”

Shortly after the television executive’s comments, Game fired back at 50 Cent and claimed he didn’t even notice Iovine. He then challenged 50 Cent to write another hit.

“N-gga, I ain’t even see Mr. Burns,” he wrote. “If you wrote my records … write you one today and put it out n-gga! Your rap career died wit them loli pop strap tank tops … you a actor, [and] that’s why you ran to tv […] leave this rap shit to n-ggas who can spell correctly and actually got bars, goofy n-gga!”

The Game, who was previously signed to G-Unit, also took a few jabs at 50 Cent’s physique, exposed an old DM from his “Hate It Or Love It” collaborator’s girlfriend Cuban Link and clowned him over his unwillingness to do a Verzuz.

“Hit [Swizz Beatz] and [Timbaland] ASAP & stop runnin from this Verzuz,” Game continued. “Oh, and tell ya girl stay out my DM’s … if she don’t want her man over weight, fat as fuck hanging upside down like a rotisserie chicken at the Super Bowl… come to @thenuminati.”

Cuban Link quickly hit back in another Instagram post and pointed out the message was from 2015, long before she started dating 50 Cent.

“Naaaa what,” she wrote. “not from 2015 when everyone wanted to be a ‘ViDeO giRL!!! You irrelevant fucking bozo…You thought you ate with that one.”

The Game has been putting the finishing touches on his forthcoming album for awhile now. In a rare interview with HipHopDX  last March, he announced he was coming out of rap retirement.

:It fucking sucks there’s no real substance in music anymore, but we have to go through it until it’s fruitful again,” he said at the time. “Logic is working with Madlib. And of course, Kendrick and Cole, and then I’m coming back again. Shit’s coming.

“Kendrick and J. Cole can only sit quiet for so long, so you’ll get some good shit. And again, I like the fucking Polo Gs, the Pooh Shiestys, and of course Lil Baby, I love it. I’m in my car, I throw on Lil Baby, but everybody’s not Lil Baby. So again, we got to pick and choose what has substance.”