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The Top 5 HipHop Powerhouse Collaborations of Joyner Lucas


Be it with his hard-hitting lyrics, potent storytelling, or sheer ability to create chart-topping hits, Joyner Lucas has consistently proven himself to be a tour de force in the hip-hop industry. Here, we dive into the cream of his collaborative efforts, charting a trajectory that has seen the rapper share lyrical space with some of the genre’s biggest names.

1. ‘Cut U Off’ – Joyner Lucas and YoungBoy NBA

In this fiery collaboration, Joyner Lucas and YoungBoy Never Broke Again channel their lyrical prowess to deliver “Cut U Off,” a standout single from Lucas’ much-anticipated album, ‘Not Now, I’m Busy.’ The track is a candid exploration of personal tranquility, inflated egos, and the struggle of discerning true friends from those that are just along for the ride. Brimming with raw emotion, the track not only showcases the duo’s collective talent but also sets the tone for what promises to be an exhilarating album

2. “ISIS” – Joyner Lucas feat. Logic

Boasting platinum and gold certifications, “ISIS” sees Lucas join forces with Logic for a high-octane lyrical tour de force. The track combines Logic’s rapid-fire delivery with Lucas’ signature storytelling, making it a hard-hitting commentary on mental health, a topic both rappers have extensively explored in their discography. The result is a track that’s as thought-provoking as it is musically compelling.

3. “Lotto” – Joyner Lucas (solo or remix featuring Yandel and G-Eazy)

Originally a solo track from Lucas’ 2020 album ‘ADHD’, the remix of “Lotto” adds the lyrical flair of Yandel and G-Eazy into the mix. Each artist brings their unique style to the table, resulting in a track that’s as diverse as it is addictive. The blend of Lucas’ introspective lyrics, Yandel’s Latin-infused verses, and G-Eazy’s slick flow makes for a listening experience akin to striking the jackpot.

4. “Your Heart” – Joyner Lucas & J. Cole

When two lyrical titans come together, the result is nothing short of spectacular. “Your Heart” sees Lucas and J. Cole delve deep into the realm of heartbreak and betrayal. Their poignant verses, coupled with a soulful hook, render this collaboration a heart-wrenching ballad of love and loss. Both artists share their vulnerabilities, making the track a standout in their respective discographies.

5. “Stranger Things” – Joyner Lucas & Chris Brown

As an ode to the popular Netflix series, “Stranger Things” sees Lucas team up with Chris Brown for a melodic yet punchy track. Lucas’ ferocious rap verses perfectly complement Brown’s smooth R&B vocals, resulting in a genre-bending tune that showcases both artists’ versatility. The track’s infectious rhythm and catchy hook make it a fitting tribute to the thrilling series it’s named after.

From sharing verses with some of the industry’s biggest names to carving out a niche with his unique blend of storytelling and lyrical agility, Joyner Lucas has proven himself to be a force to be reckoned with. These collaborations not only showcase his versatility but also highlight his ability to create compelling music, regardless of who he’s sharing the microphone with.