Watch DaBaby Bless 10-Year-Old Fan With Cash After He Raps For Him


DaBaby made a 10-year-old fan’s day when the youngster ran up on the rapper’s car on Thursday (August 4) and kicked a few rhymes for him.

“I gotta say something real quick, wait, wait,” the kid can be seen saying in a clip on social media before realizing it was the Charlotte rapper behind the wheel. “I could rap for y’all? That’s DaBaby? Oh, we gone!”

DaBaby was so impressed with the young rapper, who spit with intent and explicit content well beyond his years, that he blessed him with a handful of crisp $50 bills and told him to pick up a new pair of kicks at the Flight Club down the streets.

“Meet my boy @gmb.phatphat Anything is possible lil bruh, stay out of trouble & keep hustling,” DaBaby captioned the exchange.


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The 10-year-old rhymes under the alias of GMB Phat Phat and he’s looking to parlay the spotlight given to him by DaBaby into some rap success. He uploaded a new reel featuring a track of him rapping and his Instagram account boasts nearly 9,000 followers at the time of this article being published.

DaBaby is an artist that always makes time for his fans, but it’s usually the negative or embarrassing interactions that end up going viral.

That was the case during his time in Lagos, Nigeria in May when he allegedly went in to kiss a female fan during a photo op and she ended up uncomfortably pulling away. This also allegedly happened to another female fan during an interaction in April.

Meanwhile, DaBaby revealed in July that his Baby On Baby 2 album is expected to arrive later this month.

Speaking on theFull Send Podcast, he also gave a peek into the business side of his artistry, explaining that he charges $200,000 for a club appearance and revealed an alleged $350,000 price tag for his feature on Dua Lipa’s “Levitating” remix — this was before being removed following controversial comments he made at Rolling Loud Miami.

Additionally, those homophobic remarks last summer cost him a partnership deal with Burger King. The company ended up ditching the Charlotte rapper and decided to go with Nelly.

“I don’t know if I’m supposed to speak on this, but whatever, I don’t give a fuck,” he said. “I have my own meal at Burger King; a lot of people don’t know that. It was called the Jonathan Kirk Meal. They wanted to use my name; I shot a commercial for it and everything, right before everything popped off.

“I got my name on the box and everything. But it never came out — that’s when all the shit popped off. It was supposed to be the real. The real meal, real ingredients. That was the whole thing, the real.”