YNW Melly’s Manager 100K Track Shows Support For Rapper’s Family & Downplays Money Issues


YNW Melly’s trial was set to begin earlier this week but was once again delayed. Melly’s facing a pair of first-degree murder charges in Florida for the October 2018 murders of his close friends YNW Sakchaser (Anthony Williams) and YNW Juvy (Christopher Thomas Jr.).

In recent days, there has been static involving an affiliate named JGreen who got into a heated back and forth with Melly’s manager 100K Track after he accused him of owing both Melly’s mother and brother stacks of cash.

100K Track downplayed the idea of owing Melly’s family money and would rather show support to the incarcerated “Mixed Personalities” rapper as he fights for his life.

“Shout out to my little brother Melly, you know what I’m saying. Y’all pray for that boy,” he told the Tippie Toe Podcast shortly after the 46-minute mark. “Send your prayers. We don’t need no negative energy. If you a YNW Melly fan, ain’t no lawyer, judge, prosecutor bigger than God.”

100K Track also gave some love to Melly’s brother, YNW BSlime, who JGreen said was owed a large sum of money.

“Listen, I love BSlime,” he added. “That’s my little brother. Don’t get it twisted. Family argues. And like I said, Jamie — that’s that man’s mother. Regardless of how y’all feel, bro, we’re always gonna be cordial. We’re always gonna be cool because I gotta stand by my little dawg too. And that’s his mother, that’s who birthed him. And he’s gonna stand by her. It’s all love.”

YNW Melly got wind of the situation from behind bars and relayed a message saying his mother and brother were “complaining and lying.”

“She feels some type of way because she feels like my brother is supposed to be bigger, or whatever bruh,” Melly said. “Nobody bucking my brother on no money. If Track fucking my brother on money that mean I’m fucking my brother on money and I’d never do that to my little brother.”

Even with the disagreement, Melly’s mother, Jamie, said she still loves her son unconditionally and will be there for him no matter the case’s outcome.

“Anyone who knows me know I show love to everyone,” she wrote in an Instagram comment. “I’m going to always be here for Jamell no matter how hurt I am his mom and I love him.”

A new date still hasn’t been set for the trial to start amid the latest courthouse delay.