You Can Now Watch ‘Mean Girls’ on TikTok for October 3 Anniversary


Watching full TV episodes and movies on TikTok has become something of a trend—and NBC Universal’s Peacock has given in by uploading entire episodes of series like Killing It and Love Island USA on the social media app.

According to Variety, this trend shows that mobile use has surpassed TV screen use. Moreover, data collected by Deloitte reveals only 30 percent of Gen Z and millennials like watching TV shows or movies more than other entertainment activities, whereas 55 percent of older generations enjoy TV and movies.

When asked why they preferred watching long-form content on TikTok, some respondents said they liked the interactive aspect, since users can read and leave comments on videos. Other responses highlighted the fact that the user doesn’t have to make a decision about what to watch, which is a common problem on traditional streaming sites—and TikTok has limitless content.