Zaytoven Hits the Fo15 For “Bigger Picture” Video, Ft. Lil Bean, ZayBang, Lil Yee & More

unnamed-3-6 Zaytoven Hits the Fo15 For "Bigger Picture" Video, Ft. Lil Bean, ZayBang, Lil Yee & More

Released on 415 Day (April 15th), Zaytoven Presents: Fo15 is a fully San Francisco affair, carried out in its entirety by SF natives: the CEO, producer, artists, project manager, graphic designer, publicist, videographers, studio chef, etc., all hail from San Francisco. Conceptualized and A&R’d by EMPIRE CEO Ghazi, project is anchored by Lil Bean, a native of the now-demolished Geneva Towers apartments who lends his smoothly melodic flow to nine tracks of the project’s ten tracks, and rising star ZayBang, a fellow Geneva Towers product whose snarling flow rips a hole through eight. Rounding out the all-star cast of characters are scene flagbearer Lil Pete, a Fillmore rapper who crushes his verse on opening track “The Click,KxNG LLAMA, a Hunters Point-bred local hero behind the Bay Area smash “Body Bags,” Prezi, a hooper-turned-rapper from Hunters Point whose breakout “Do Better” (Remix) has over 60 million combined views, and LilYee, yet another Fillmore native who flashes a plainspoken wisdom on his verses and hooks.

A paean to a flourishing rap scene and to the city’s indomitable spirit, Fo15 gifts the rap fans of San Francisco with a purely homegrown set of slaps. Featuring the snarling ZayBang & Lil Yee-featuring single All My Guys” and the introductory posse cut The Click,Zaytoven Presents: Fo15 is available everywhere via EMPIRE.

Watch “Bigger Picture” ft. Lil Bean, ZayBang, Prezi, KxNG LLAMA & Lil Yee:

Zaytoven Presents: Fo15 was conceptualized and A&R’d by Ghazi, with A&R assistance from Chuck Kelly aka Frisco Chuck.

Zaytoven Presents: Fo15 tracklist:
(all tracks produced by Zaytoven) 

  1. “The Click” – Zaytoven & Fo15 (ft. ZayBang, Lil Bean, KxNG LLAMA, Lil Yee, Prezi & Lil Pete)
  2. “Chase Down” – Zaytoven & Fo15 (ft. Lil Bean, ZayBang & Lil Yee)
  3. “Run The Score” – Zaytoven & Fo15 (ft. Lil Yee, Lil Bean & Zaybang)
  4. “Anything I Want” – Zaytoven & Fo15 (ft. ZayBang, Lil Yee & Lil Bean)
  5. “All My Guys” – Zaytoven & Fo15 (ft. Lil Yee & ZayBang)
  6. “Bigger Picture” – Zaytoven & Fo15 (ft. Lil Bean, ZayBang, Prezi, KxNG LLAMA & Lil Yee)
  7. “I’m A Dog” – Zaytoven & Fo15 (ft. ZayBang, KxNG LLAMA, Prezi & Lil Bean)
  8. “Put It On The Line” – Zaytoven & Fo15 (ft. Lil Bean & KxNG LLAMA)
  9. “Frisco Shit” – Zaytoven & Fo15 (ft. ZayBang, KxNG LLAMA, Prezi & Lil Bean)
  10. “Gone” – Zaytoven & Fo15 (ft. KxNG LLAMA, Lil Bean & Lil Yee)

San Francisco natives who contributed to the project: 

  • Ghazi, EMPIRE CEO & Project A&R (Potrero Hill)
  • Chuck Kelly, A&R (Fillmore)
  • Zaytoven, Producer/Curator (Fillmore)
  • ZayBang, Artist (Geneva Towers)
  • Lil Bean, Artist (Geneva Towers)
  • Lil Pete, Artist (Fillmore)
  • Prezi, Artist (Hunters Point)
  • Lil Yee, Artist (Fillmore)
  • KxNG LLAMA, Artist (Hunters Point)
  • Ari Simon, Product Manager (The Richmond District)
  • Photo Doctor, Photographer & Graphic Designer (Mission)
  • Kiko Valle, Videographer (SOMA)
  • Michelle McDevitt, Publicist (Sunset District)
  • Chef CleaZ, Studio Chef (Hunter’s Point)