Listen to Glorilla’s Latest Remixes with Lil Durk, Trina, and Gloss Up


Memphis-based rapper Glorilla has recently dropped an updated version of her late 2022 EP, Anyway, Life’s Great… The new edition comes with exciting bonus features, including a Lil Durk-assisted remix of her hit track “Phatnall” titled “Ex’s”, a remix of “Nut Quick” featuring Trina, and Gloss Up on “Get That Money.” To add more to the excitement, Glorilla has also introduced a new track titled “Don’t Know.”

The EP’s bonus edition presents the original versions of Glorilla’s bangers such as “Tomorrow 2” featuring Cardi B and “F.N.F. (Let’s Go).” The new remixes have been making waves among fans, particularly “Ex’s,” which has already garnered substantial airplay and streaming numbers since its release. The collaboration with Lil Durk is a well-crafted blend of their respective styles, with Durk’s delivery complementing Glorilla’s fiery bars. Trina, on the other hand, brings her unique flow and confident demeanor to the table, elevating the energy of “Nut Quick” even further.

In addition to the new releases, Glorilla also dropped a video for the “Ex’s” remix, which is garnering attention for its cinematic visuals and storyline. The video features Lil Durk, and the chemistry between the two is evident, as they showcase their undeniable chemistry on the track.

It’s worth noting that Glorilla’s previous release, “Internet Trolls,” has been widely praised for its lyrics, delivery, and message, making it a standout track from her catalog.

Fans of Glorilla and enthusiasts of the rap genre can’t get enough of the new release. The bonus edition of Anyway, Life’s Great… is a must-listen, with Glorilla showcasing her versatility and unique style. If you’re yet to hear the new tracks, be sure to give them a listen and watch the visuals for “Ex’s” to enjoy the full experience.