Polo G’s Lawyer Slams Miami PD For Releasing Redacted Footage Of Rapper’s 2021 Arrest


Miami, FL – Polo G’s attorney is sounding off on the Miami Police Department after redacted bodycam footage of the rapper’s 2021 arrest was released to the public. A judge threw the case out in April.

Bradford Cohen, who also represents Kodak Black, called the department “childish” in an interview with TMZ, asking why the police department released only parts of the footage that showed his client in an unfavorable light. He added actions like these are “why a lot of people are losing faith in policing.”

“They didn’t show him getting slammed to the ground or the reason why [he] was pulled over,” Cohen said. “Of course, they wouldn’t show that. I have never seen a department react to their malfeasance by disseminating highly edited disparaging video.”

Polo G was arrested hours after a party celebrating the release of his Hall of Fame album on charges of battery on a police officer, threatening a public servant, resisting an officer with violence, resisting an officer without violence and criminal mischief.

Officers alleged Polo attacked a cop during a traffic stop, leaving the officer with abrasions to the face and a swollen right cheek after being hit with multiple punches and elbow strikes to the head.

However, in the video leaked to social media on Thursday (July 7), Polo was seen handcuffed and using his words more than his fists to disparage officers.

“You broke as hell!” Polo yelled in one clip. “I’m just sayin’, do you got $10,000 in your bank account right now? ’Cause if you die right now, what could you give your kids? If you die right now, what could you give the lady that you in bed with? What could you give to your mama? Have you ever bought yo mama anything? Did you buy yo mama a car? Did you buy yo mama a house? I did that.”

The officer replied, “Good for you, bro. I’m glad you did that… I would love to do that one day,” prompting Polo to clap back, “You would love to do it, but you never will.”